Woolly Dry Goods was born out of the love for WOOL! 

Wool has many unique properties that no other fabric offers.
• Naturally regulates body temperature
• Anti-Microbial
• Odor resistance
• Naturally wicks moisture
• Eco-friendly

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The basis of Woolly Dry Goods is quite simple.

•We will always use premium fabrics and pair it with premium customer service.

• The wool that we use is always brushed, thus making it the softest wool you will find in the marketplace.

• Woolly Dry Goods will always have the consumer in mind during product development, paying special attention to quality and detail.

• Woolly Dry Goods will strive to create unique products in styles and colors that will become your favorite go-to items.

You will discover a new level of comfort and style when you become part of the Woolly family.

Mr. Woolly 

Woolly On!