Woolly Dry Goods


At Woolly Dry Goods, our passion lies in meticulously crafting garments that exceed all expectations. Luxuriate in the unmatched softness and enduring strength of our wool products, elevating them to a league of their own. Meanwhile, immerse yourself in the supreme comfort and superior quality of our flannels, setting a new benchmark for soft. There's no need for hesitation. Join the ranks of our delighted customers and indulge in the unmistakable difference of WDG today.

Inspired by the past

We design apparel with purpose.

At Woolly Dry Goods we design with purpose. We are inspired by the past with classic styles that are timeless and that will last a lifetime. These are the pieces that are powerful, inspirational, and we can all learn from them. Every style, seam, and stitch exists for a reason.

Down to the fibers

We’re in pursuit of perfection!

Just like the fiber we are named after, wool is the diamond of the fiber world. Wool is and will continue to be part of all our collections. At Woolly Dry Goods we choose fibers not based on cost, but based on purpose and function. Life is busy and is forever moving and so is our knowledge.  We use specific blends on different styles for a specific reason. Some fiber blends allow wool to be washable,  create softness, and create performance. 

Sewn into Every Stitch:

Craft Your Own Story with Woolly Dry Goods

Other companies may try to convince you with their narratives, but at Woolly Dry Goods, we let our quality and attention to detail speak for themselves. The moment you slip into one of our garments, you'll feel the difference – it's a testament to our dedication to excellence. We don't believe in wearing someone else's tale; we want you to craft your own narrative as you journey through life. Each piece is meticulously crafted with you, the consumer, in mind, destined to become your cherished favorite. Be genuine, be true to yourself, and let your unique story unfold.